Mixon Targets is a California based target wholesale company, established in 2006, with a goal to develop better firearm training skills. Our target systems are now used at firing ranges and law enforcement agencies around the country. Our targets help shooters. Whether a beginner or a professional, developing good muscle memory is essential for good target sight acquisition, and our systems make the process easier.

The targets are sold in sets of 25 and 100 as well as cases of 500. Our copyrighted targets are printed on high quality paper with the best ink for better visibility. If you have encountered situations where you were unable to see your targets, you will find Mixon Targets will provide the extra confidence you need.

If you have any questions please call 805-444-1171 on the West Coast or 843-992-9227 on the East Coast. To place an order
click here. We are opened to any questions and suggestions to help you become a better shooter.

I hope you will become a fan of Mixon Targets and give yourself the edge for better shooting.

“Muscle Memory Develops Skill”